www.Peryourhealth.com - Pay Your Medical Bill Online

Peryourhealth.com is an online medical billing system that helps you pay bills in a speedy way by just visiting their official site where you can process your medical bills online. In just a snap or a couple of minute you can pay your bills without you wasting your time and money for it has no extra or additional charges.

Creating an account in Peryourhealth.com is just an easy and simple process; by just visiting their official website you can create an account and register by putting your account number on your billing statement.

Here comes a step by step guide in creating and registering your Peryourhealth.com account and pay your bills:

  • First you need to have a computer or any other device like cellphone, tablet or laptop.
  • And connect to a secured internet connection.
  • Then launch your browser and go to the official website: www.peryourhealth.com .
  • After that you will receive a welcome message, text box and register button. In the text box you need to enter your used ID and your account number from your billing statement.
  • But before you proceed you need to confirm from your health provider and ask them directly if they support Peryourhealth.com portal, for the reason that this online payment system is for authorized users only.
  • Once confirm and page loads up, just simply enter the account number or the users ID inside the text box and click the register button.


  • After successfully entering your account number you can now see your bill amount and choose any debit or visa card and other payment options which supports on www.peryourhealth.com login portal.
  • Then you can now pay your bills online and receive an acknowledgement receipt in your email account.
  • So that’s it, you successfully paid your hospital bill online.

If you have any other concern, questions to Peryourhealth.com you may contact their care customer number (855) 853-724 for more details.